How To Send Multiple NFTs At Once? A Step-by-step Guide

Updated : June 24, 2023


Sending multiple NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) at once is a time-saving and efficient process. This is helpful especially when you have a large collection or need to distribute NFTs to multiple recipients. It is not possible to list every single NFT on your own. Therefore, it is high time to learn and implement effective strategies to upload bulk in one go. It is suggested to have smart contract audit consultations with professionals before applying new ways.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through various methods, tools, and benefits of sending multiple NFTs simultaneously, ensuring a smooth and streamlined experience.

Can You Send Multiple NFTs In One Transaction?

Yes, it is possible to transfer multiple NFTs in a single transaction. Through the use of batch transactions or smart contract interactions, you can bundle multiple NFT transfers into a single click, saving time and reducing gas fees.

This streamlined approach allows for efficient and convenient bulk transfers of NFTs, making it easier to manage and distribute large collections or fulfill multiple transfers at once. This way blockchain help organizations when sharing data securely and effortlessly.

Methods To Send Multiple NFTs At Once

Given below are the most reliable and efficient ways of transferring bulk NFTs in one go:

  1. Batch Transactions

    One popular method to send multiple NFTs at once is by utilizing batch transactions. This approach allows you to bundle multiple NFT transfers into a single transaction, reducing gas fees and optimizing the overall process. Following are the easy steps of batch transfer:

    • Prepare the NFTs

      Gather the NFTs you want to send and ensure they are in your wallet or linked to your account.

    • Choose a Wallet

      Select a wallet that supports batch transactions, such as MetaMask or MyEtherWallet, and ensure it is connected to the blockchain network that your NFTs reside on.

    • Access the Batch Transfer Function

      Navigate to the wallet's interface and look for the option to perform a batch transfer or multi-token transaction. The location of this feature may vary depending on the wallet you are using.

    • Select the NFTs

      Choose the NFTs you wish to send by specifying their contract addresses and token IDs. Some wallets provide a user-friendly interface where you can input the necessary details.

    • Set Recipient Addresses

      Specify the recipient addresses for each NFT. You can provide multiple addresses if you are distributing the NFTs to different individuals.

    • Confirm and Sign the Transaction

      Review the transaction details and ensure everything is accurate. Once verified, sign the transaction with your wallet's private key or passphrase.

    • Broadcast the Transaction

      After signing, the wallet will generate the batch transaction, bundling all the NFT transfers into a single transaction. Broadcast the transaction to the blockchain and its alternatives networks for processing

  2. Smart Contract Interactions

    Another method to send multiple NFTs simultaneously is through smart contract interactions. This approach is useful when you need to perform complex actions or automate the process. Here's how you can achieve this:

    • Select a Suitable Smart Contract

      Identify a smart contract that supports batch NFT transfers. Some contracts are specifically designed for this purpose or provide functions to facilitate bulk transfers.

    • Connect to a Wallet or DApp

      Use a compatible wallet or decentralized application (DApp) that allows interaction with smart contracts. Ensure it is connected to the blockchain network hosting the NFTs.

    • Access the Smart Contract Interface

      Locate the smart contract interface within the wallet or DApp. You may need to input the contract's address or interact with its ABI (Application Binary Interface).

    • Invoke the Batch Transfer Function

      Look for the function within the smart contract that enables batch NFT transfers. This function may require specific parameters, such as an array of NFT token IDs and recipient addresses.

    • Provide the Necessary Details

      Input the required details, including the NFTs you wish to send and the recipient addresses. Ensure the inputs are in the correct format as specified by the smart contract.

    • Confirm and Execute the Transaction

      Review the transaction details and confirm that everything is accurate. Execute the transaction, which will trigger the smart contract to initiate the batch NFT transfer.

Tools Used For Multiple NFTs Transaction

  1. NFT Bulk - OpenSea Bulk Upload Tool

    NFT Bulk offers a simple solution for bulk uploading NFTs. To begin, sign in with your Metamask wallet. Add NFT metadata to a spreadsheet template. Upload the NFTs and filled spreadsheet to Pinata, a decentralized cloud storage for NFTs. Share the Pinata folder link with NFT Bulk for bulk uploading on OpenSea. NFT Bulk charges 0.03 ETH (around $90) per bulk upload

    It works with Ethereum and Polygon networks and can handle large collections. Payment is accepted only in cryptocurrency

  2. NFTify - upload 1,000 NFTs with a single clicks

    NFTify is a platform that allows NFT creators and businesses to have full ownership of their collections. Recently, we introduced a bulk upload feature for a better user experience. With this feature, NFT businesses can upload up to 1,000 NFTs with a single click, but keep in mind the upload size should not exceed 2 GB

    To batch upload NFTs on NFTify, simply use the provided template file, follow the instructions, and upload. The best part is, our bulk upload feature is completely free! You can then import your batch-uploaded NFT collection to OpenSea for a more efficient process. NFTify supports Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon, and provides responsive customer support. It's important to note that this feature is only available to stores built with NFTify.

  3. Spiral NFT

    Spiral NFT is a valuable tool for easily uploading multiple NFTs in one go. Once configured and files imported, the Spiral bot will automatically upload all your NFTs to OpenSea. What sets Spiral NFT apart is its compatibility with both Coinbase and OpenSea, with plans for further marketplace compatibility in the future

    For a one-time fee of $199, you gain access to unlimited NFT uploads. Keep in mind that Spiral is currently only available for Windows. It supports JSON and Excel sheets and offers free updates.

  4. Opencbot - Upload Your NFTs Automatically

    Opencbot is a highly popular NFT bulk upload solution that supports both the Polygon and Ethereum networks. It offers a simple three-step process: prepare your Excel or JSON file, import it into Opencbot, and run it.

    This allows you to upload all your NFTs simultaneously. For just $399, you'll gain lifetime access to Opencbot and its full range of features. It's important to note, however, that Opencbot currently works exclusively on Windows and is not yet compatible with Mac.

  5. Doqlus NFT Uploader

    To use Doqlus, you'll need to download and configure their PC extension, which assists in solving OpenSea captchas for bulk uploading. If you encounter any configuration issues, the Doqlus Customer Success team is available for real-time guidance via call.

    While you can upload up to 200 NFTs for free, there are pricing tiers for larger uploads: $29 for 1k uploads, $69 for 5k uploads, $119 for 10k uploads, and $249 for unlimited uploads. Some pros of Doqlus include access to a customer success team and easy configuration, but it's important to note that it doesn't support Polygon.

  6. HmizUp

    HmizUp is a valuable tool designed to assist NFT creators and digital artists in bulk uploading their artworks and batch-minting NFTs. What sets HmizUp apart is that their team also provides NFT project consultation services. Instead of a fixed subscription fee, the package you choose depends on the number of NFTs you wish to batch load.

    Prices range from $2,300 for 5k NFTs to $4,400 for 50k NFTs, and both crypto and fiat payment options are available. While HmizUp offers consultation and batch minting, it is important to note that it is relatively more expensive and only allows NFTs to be listed with a fixed selling price.

Benefits Of Bulk NFTs Upload

NFTs create value in several different ways. Have a look at some of its major benefits:

  1. Time Efficiency

    Uploading multiple NFTs at once saves significant time compared to individual uploads, especially for large collections.

  2. Streamlined Listing Process

    Bulk NFTs upload simplifies the process of listing NFTs on marketplaces, enabling sellers to quickly make their collections available to a wider audience.

  3. Improved Workflow Productivity

    Managing and organizing NFT collections becomes more efficient, allowing creators, collectors, and marketplace operators to handle large volumes with ease.

  4. Cost-Effectiveness

    Uploading NFTs in bulk reduces transaction fees and gas costs associated with individual uploads, resulting in potential cost savings.

  5. Enhanced Scalability

    Bulk NFTs upload facilitates the distribution of airdrops, rewards, or royalties to multiple recipients simultaneously, streamlining the process for creators and project administrators.

  6. Convenient Updates

    Bulk upload makes it easier to apply updates or modifications to multiple NFTs at once, ensuring consistency and saving time on individual adjustments.

  7. Simplified Portfolio Management

    For collectors or investors with diverse NFT portfolios, bulk upload allows for efficient management, organization, and tracking of assets in a consolidated manner.

  8. Faster Go-to-Market

    Artists and creators can swiftly launch their collections or series, reaching a broader audience quickly and capitalizing on market opportunities.

  9. Improved User Experience

    Bulk NFTs upload enhances the user experience for both creators and collectors, offering a smoother and more efficient process for showcasing and exploring NFTs.

  10. Scalable Operations

    Marketplaces and platforms that support bulk NFT upload enable seamless scaling of operations, accommodating the increasing demand and growing ecosystem of NFTs.


Sending multiple NFTs at once can be accomplished through batch transactions or smart contract interactions, depending on your preferences and requirements. These methods offer efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and convenience when dealing with a large number of NFT transfers. Choose the approach that aligns with your technical capabilities and provides the desired functionality for seamless multi-token transactions. Get our blockchain development services and enjoy the process of managing and distributing your NFT collection with greater ease and efficiency

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